Permanent Eyebrows in Cardiff

Introducing the must have eyebrow treatment; permanent brows, the celebrity treatment that creates perfectly defined arches for men and women.

If you've ever felt mystified about celebrity eyebrows, wondering how they get them quite so perfect, their secret is permanent eyebrows and we're delighted to be able to extend that celebrity wow factor to you.

Permanent eyebrows will transform your face and enhance your features. Indeed, 70% of our facial expressions depend upon our eyebrows and so the more defined they are, the better you can express yourself in person, and in photos.

We offer a completely bespoke treatment which is individual to each client. We can achieve high definition look brows with a flawless natural look.

This procedure goes beyond a standard eyebrow treatment, with effects that can last for years. For those who suffer from over plucked eyebrows, Alopecia, have lost their brows through illness or simply cannot achieve the perfectly shaped brows, we can transform them.

So how do we do it?

We will discuss your expectations and what you would like to achieve as far as eyebrow shape taking into considering your natural features. So whether you would like super natural look or a high definition look we will choose a pigment that compliments your skin tone and hair colouring.

The eyebrow shape will be drawn on with conventional make up pencil so you will able to see the shape to be achieved. Then the infusion of medical grade pigments will be infused into the skin.

A healing balm and full aftercare instructions are given and a follow up appointment will be made for you 4 to 6 weeks later to fine tune the enhancement. Long term maintenance advice will also be discussed.

For more information about getting permanent eyebrows in Cardiff, contact us now.

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