Medical Tattooing

Medical micro pigmentation and medical tattooing treatments have a huge impact on a client's wellbeing both mentally and physically. Tailor-made treatments provide a solution for areola and nipple restoration, reduction in the appearance of scar tissue, Vitiligo re-pigmentation and scar camouflage.  

A free, no obligation consultation is offered for all medical micro pigmentation treatments.  Our medical tattooing treatments allow us to help you cover up surgical scars, as well as any pigmentation of the skin.  Privacy and Discretion are guaranteed.

Areola restoration x1   £199 

Areola restoration x2  £300

Scar restoration per 20 mins £35 

Scar camouflage per 20 mins £55

Vitiligo camouflage per 20 mins £55 

Scar restoration, scar and Vitiligo camouflage treatments can vary from 2 to 5 sessions.  

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