Frequently Asked Questions

Is permanent makeup a form of tattooing?

Permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing, it differs from a conventional tattoo as the pigment is not infused into the skin as deeply and so doesn't have the permanency of a conventional tattoo

Will it look natural?

Absolutely. The pigments used are specifically designed to match skin tones and will blend with any make up style.

What does it feel like?

Some describe it as a prickly sensation. Numbing agents are used to minimise discomfort. Many experience no discomfort at all. Most agree it is far more comfortable than anticipated.

How long will it last?

A number of factors contribute to how long your enhancement may last, for example, skin type, exposure to sun and lifestyle.
A colour boost is recommended between 12 and 15 months, to maintain a fresh appearance.

Is the procedure safe?

To ensure your procedure is safe I follow a code of practice that creates a hygienic working environment. Only sterile single use needles are used and disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed. To prevent cross-contamination barrier film is used and conventional make up pencils and sharpeners are also disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed.

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